Migrating can be scary and real culture shock….it is generally not just a change of landscape perhaps it is a drastic change of culture, food, mannerism, life style, customs and so much more. Moreover, the absence of a support system makes the idea of migrating even more daunting.

IPV as it spells, it stands for Indian Professionals in Victoria was formed to address this very need of migrants. IPV aims to provide a platform and support system to the Indian Professionals in Victoria having moved or wanting to move to Australia. IPV has a close-knit group of professionals who have personally gone through the hassles of moving base. Some of their major challenges were house hunting, networking with like-minded professionals, adapting themselves to the Australians way of working, friendship and hence the living.

Indian Professionals are known in Australia for their technical prowess and acumen, reliability and hard-working nature whereas there is lot more that is needed to create and lead a successful and settled life. We at IPV, aim to help Indian Professionals through various means like mentoring, workshops, seminars, networking events, etc. to ensure that they establish a firm foothold in Australia and have a support system to rely on.

We are not for profit organisation, run by the members and for the members.

Our Mission

To create awareness, build platform to share ideas, help identify opportunities and provide mentoring to Indian Professionals leading to sustainable professional excellence in Australia

Our Vision

A thriving network of Indian Professionals in Australia recognized for generations to come and settle

Our Values

IPV has a strong value and belief system and every activity done under the banner of IPV closely reflect on its below values:

  • Mateship – We look after each other
  • Learning – We learn from each other
  • Empowering – we empower one another
  • Collaboration – We collaborate to build strong community